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80th Anniversary of D-Day | Siffleur Falls

After another highly successful multi-facet Airborne Reunion this past summer, it is now time to begin the planning and preparation for this year's Siffleur D-Day Ceremony. The Airborne Social Club (Edmonton). The ABSC (Edm) has been involved here for the past 23 years, first for a number of years in support of these ceremonies with the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Association (1CANPARA ASSN) and later, finally taking over the full coordination and conducting the ceremony after the Association's disbandment.

The 80th Anniversary of D-Day is a significant milestone in the remembrance of this World War II operation. Suffice it to say, our requirement to plan, conduct and succeed in holding a ceremony to celebrate this event, in a three day format, June 5th-7th, as done in years past becomes a responsibility for us to make it happen and to honour those members who have gone before us!

A number of factors in the planning stage for the ceremony are key to this success; primarily, attendance to the event is paramount and requires a serious and immediate commitment for each of us to attend. In support of this requirement an accommodation package for the event has been worked out with the David Thompson Resort (DTR) to function as hosts and is attached to this SITREP. The need here is for members to book reservations with the DTR using the code AIR80, and to commit to do it soon... even better, do it now!

The block booking reservations for us with DTR will expire May 15th, 2024, bookings after this date will be at chance. Important in the planning stage will also require confirmation for clearance with AB Parks, military participation for the June 5th, climb up Normandy Peak and parade attendance on June 6th, general parade and support positions including VIP invites requires confirmation. In addition, setup and tear- down support for the ceremony requires a commitment.

Staff meetings to discuss requirements and support for this event will be held prior to our normal ABSC(Edm) meetings.

With still five months to go before the event, it is easy to get caught of guard thinking we have time to prepare for the ceremony. Twenty-three years of experience in planning for D-Day Ceremonies has proven nothing could be farther from the truth. In other words, we need to plan, prepare and most of all commit to attend now.

As the coordinator, I ask for your support and commitment in helping to make this 80th Anniversary of D-Day event our best effort yet.

Capt. (Ret'd) Bill Dickson, CD

Cord/MC 2024 D-Day Ceremony

Siffleur Falls

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